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By ShaneP
aslan wrote:Yes, yes I am.

What secrets would you like to know ?

:lol: Well I had to ask! :P

Okay the first question: how in the heck are you going to juggle all of the heroes and villains in this movie? There's a lot!
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By ShaneP
So ILM finally confirmed their involvement officially on their website. We've known they were involved on the show for months but ILM is in no hurry to update their website it appears.

Earl is, as was suggested, the ILM vfx supervisor.

Kevin Martel is the animation supervisor.
ShaneP wrote:

Woof, anyone else think that Spider-Man shot needs a lot of work still? :-? I mean, yeah, it's a trailer and the shots are always unfinished, but that was, like, video game quality.

Hulkbuster looks great.

Got a good chuckle out of the fact that Thanos chills in his space sitting on his space LAZ-E Boy chair wearing a helmet and armor, but chooses to go into battle wearing nothing but his gym shirt. :lol:

Also, seriously, Marvel? You want 15 seconds of what is one of the most anticipated trailers of all time to be your logo? Okay.
ShaneP wrote:Wait, Spidey was in this? I didn't even notice. Too many faces.

I'm genuinely interested in seeing how they split the focus and screentime between all of the characters. With so many, it's getting to the point of, like, Expendables where it's less of an "ensemble" and more "everyone's a cameo". :lol: