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If there's one 'franchise' that I'd be 100% for them giving/rebooting a cinematic universe, it's the classic Universal horror flicks. :thumbup: Plus, I love Tom Cruise so my butt's already in the theatre.

I'll argue that Universal, Toho (and to a much lesser extent, the peeps behind the Alien and Predator crossovers) built cinematic universes way before it was even a thought in Marvel's mind.

I'm very curious to how they're going to build it, considering that they already had the basis for a Universal horror CU almost twice now, between Sommers' Mummy and Van Helsing films and then the recent EOne flicks like Dracula Untold and I, Frankenstein. Throw in Johnston's Wolfman movie, too, to bridge the gap. Obviously this new series of movies isn't going to be connected to those, but still. With Russell Crowe playing Dr. Jekyll in this movie, it's definitely piqued my interest.
According to, ILM's work on the film is being supervised by Pablo Helman and Mark Curtis. Animation is supervised by Glen McIntosh.

Curtis is a veteran of vfx most recently at MPC Vancouver.

In other ILM Vancouver news: Methods Studios, Scanline Vfx veteran supervisor Chad Weibe joins ILM Vancouver.
ILM's work on The Mummy at vfxblog: ... the-mummy/

ILM did the first two sequences when the princess escapes the sarcophagus under the pier and in the alley with the rats.

ILM's website credits the SF and Vancouver locales with the film but London was involved too. Ian's piece features some concept artwork by London VFX AD Jason Horley.