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Transformers 5 is now Transformers: The Last Knight

Okay. Hmm…Just trying to think where they're going with that.

ILM also updated their website with the vfx and animation supes:

Farrar, Jason Smith and Dave Fogler are all supervising the vfx. Paul Kavanagh and Eric O'Connor head up the animation team, which is sure to be large.

It will be interesting to see where they take the story.
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Definitely dig the logo. The sword is a nice touch.

Based on where Trans4mers ended and the title of this one, it'll probably follow Optimus in space as he seeks out The Creators (and some Earth-based conflict). He was referred to as the last remaining 'Knight' by Lockdown and Lockdown's ship itself was called 'The Knight's Temenos'.
First teaser! ...

Is that
Spoiler: show
It's not confirmed one way or the other. Speculation seems to settle between one of two options:
Spoiler: show
or a reconstituted Cybertron.

Broken record and all that, Imma' love this movie no matter how utterly terrible it ends up being. :lol: Really like the direction that they're going with the story. Some cool and unique things to keep it as fresh as they can, given the circumstances.

Interesting that I have yet to come across any "the CGI looks bad"-comments that usually come with trailers. Like, the Trans4mers SuperBowl spot (which came out in January, five months before the movie) had A LOT of work done to polish it up for the final product and was quite noticeable. But the Tran5formers trailer here (seven months before the movie is out) seems to be pretty solid work. Obviously they'll still touch up everything, but it's solid so far. :thumbup:

ILM continues to impress me with their work. The "Optimus floating in space"- shot? Holy, that close-up looks unbelievably real. So tangible. :eek2:
I'd rather see Michael Bay direct more movies like PAIN & GAIN, which was a masterpiece, IMO. 13 HOURS was pretty well done, too. I think the man could direct some really good action movies, but Paramount seems to be holding him hostage on TRANSFORMERS. I thought the first TRANSFORMERS was a few steps shy of being a great movie, but the sequels are just so autopilot, and this trailer is not convincing me otherwise.
vfxfan, I agree about Bay and the TF franchise. Bay has been doing these now for a decade. But hey, as I said some time ago, ILM likes working with him and he with them. He also loves to shoot plenty of live action and then add CG to it rather than just blue screens all day long. He pushes them to create some great work and they deliver.

But I do hope, as you do, that Bay spreads his wings after this film and knocks a bunch of really good action flicks out.

Give the TF franchise off to a bud or *gasp* an actual FAN of the Transformers universe.

Heck, Paramount should let ILM create the entire thing. Have Scott Farrar direct it and bring in G1 fan designers and go all nostalgia for the next film. This "we can make these robots look as complicated as all get out" is kinda been there and done well. Do something different now.
I completely agree that Bay does best with smaller-scale passion projects and I've love for him to tackle another P&G/13 Hours-esque project after TF5. But look at it from Paramount's POV. If you worked for Paramount, would you really unlock the shackles if Bay was bringing in dumptrucks of money? ;)
and bring in G1 fan designers and go all nostalgia for the next film.
Do something different now.
So which is it? Do want them to go to G1 for full nostalgia purposes or do you want them to do something different? :P
Give the TF franchise off to a bud or *gasp* an actual FAN of the Transformers universe.
That's not a guaranteed recipe for success, though. We could just as easily end up with a 3 hour long, virtually shot-for-shot and line-for-line remake like Jackson did with King Kong. Or even Jurassic World, which is probably one of the most angering movies I've ever experienced. Why do something new when you can just rehash what's been done before? Being a hardcore fan can just as easily cloud your judgement of the product you're making as not being a avid fan. A filmmaker should be objective to the source material, not bowing down in reverence to it by sheer virtue of it being the source material. Respect it, but not be married to it.

Heck, 2016 is the perfect example of why nostalgia doesn't always pay off. For every Force Awakens or Jurassic World that relied entirely on catering to nostalgia, we also got the Ben-Hur remake, the Ghostbusters reboot, etc.. ... 722_v2.jpg

Plus, I'm a firm proponent that you don't spend a decade of your life working insane hours on five movies if you're not even remotely interested in the material that you're basing your story on. No amount of money would force that stubborn-headed Bay to do a movie if he truly didn't want to. Bay wasn't a "Transformers fan" when he was asked to direct, but that doesn't equate to despising the franchise. He's fully admitted on several occassions that he's become a fan of the franchise from learning what it's all about.
Man, ILM continues to raise the bar with those close-ups. Look absolutely photo-real.

I'm hoping they tweak the colouring of the sequence with the bright grass. Looks so bright that it's coming off as a fake neon-green.
I wonder if that green is in camera or graded? It looks super rich. It is like astroturf super green.Not a yellow blade.

I love the wrecked stadium shots. Might not be ILM stuff though. Knowing Bay he wrecked a real stadium. :D

I'm not even going to touch that piece of social commentary!

I will instead discuss another one...Shot in Detroit….must be subsidies. :roll:
Makes sense for one film since Detroit was/is the American car capitol but how many of these are they going to place around the Great Lakes?