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By ShaneP
ArtofVFX's interview with Russell Earl about their work on Cap3: ... visor-ilm/

A crew of around 220 at ILM's Presidio and Vancouver studios did about 637 shots mainly focusing the airport battle. They also did some smaller bits throughout the film. BASEFX also provided an assist with ILM as they do on most of the latter's films now under their ongoing multi-year partnership.

Earl couldn't disclose what his next project is but it sounds like it's another Marvel film. I'm going to guess it's the Russo's Avengers 3. He has a solid relationship with them and the overall VFX Sup, Dan Deleeuw. He is already onboard that project too.
Just saw this last night. Was really impressed with all of the vendors' work. The airport battle was so entertaining and well-done.

Though, did anyone else catch a few (like, literally, only 2-3) really bad looking shots of Tony in the Iron Man suit with his mask off (aka, CG Iron Man suit with live-action RDJ head)? I believe it was in the last act when he's come to a "truce" with Cap and he's just standing there with the mask off. It looked rather shoddy compared to the rest of the movie's superb work - like 2005-era "crappy composited head onto CG body"-esque work. And it cut back and forth between angles, so it went from bad shot to good shot, back to bad shot, back to good shot, which made it even more distracting/noticeable.
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By ShaneP
I'm not sure I remember that shot specifically.

I saw it in 3D. I did love ILM's airport work too just like you. Very entertaining and well done.

I love the new Peter Parker! I thought after so many movies so recently it would be too soon but this young actor made it refreshing.

Lola's young Downey work at the beginning gave me flashbacks to his Weird Science-era work. Crazy how good they are!


For the film itself, this might be my third favorite of the MCU behind Winter Soldier and Iron Man 3. Maybe just ahead of IM3? But I think Winter Soldier will stay atop as my fave. This film was great though how it balanced all the roles. Didn't seem crowded. I can't wait ti see what the Russos do with The Avengers.

I did have a nitpick: I thought Tony going to find Steve and Bucky at the end and then discovering his parents were killed by Buckly ala WS was a bit much. Why would Ross let Stark just leave? He had already detained the others. Ross just let Stark leave a bit too easily. It's like the writers just had to have him leave to go find out about his parents.

I would have preferred Stark under Ross' thumb and thrown in a cell. Stark realizes the error of his signing the Sakovia Accords and then Rogers comes and breaks them all out at the very end.

But that's just a minor nitpick.

All in all a very good movie. 8/10.
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By ShaneP
Ian's coverage of the vfx for the opening sequence for Cap Am 3 done by Rise vfx in Germany. Great work! I loved this scene. Really set the whole film in motion with Olsen's character. ... ing-fight/

Tyler Mirage, I think Mike mentioned those shots of the post-fight with Stark and Rogers you thought were off were done by Method.
Hmm. Method. It was only a few shots, so I'll let it slide. ;)
Lola's young Downey work at the beginning gave me flashbacks to his Weird Science-era work. Crazy how good they are!

Lola's work is so good that I get the feeling that they come up with any excuse to include some form of aging VFX in these movies from now on. :lol: Pre-production meetings between Feige and the VFX Supe de jour go something like this:

Feige: "So we're making a third Thor movi-"
VFX Supe: "What can Lola work on?"
Feige: "Well, we haven't contracted any houses as of yet-"
VFX Supe: "Can we get Lola?"
Feige: "Uh...if we need some aging work done, sure-"
VFX Supe: "What if the movie starts out with a 10 year old Chris Hemsworth?"
Feige: "...Why?"
VFX Supe: "Why not?"
Well, i saw this on April, if i remember right, but for some reasons i didn't post a review. Strong movie, with great action sequences and solid performances all around. While the VFX are moslty top notch, the quality of some of the digital doubles varies from shot to shot. The all cg airport, where the two superheroes factions fight each others, is imho. the best enviroment work ILM has ever done, dethroning also the trains chase in The Lone Ranger. Really liked the underwater prison too.
The airport scene was fantastic from an vfx execution standpoint. It was fun from a film and story standpoint but not much of story value really happens or it seems not much seems at stake because they are intuitionally not trying to hurt one another.

Marvel is making consistently good movies but that same consistency militates against making really great ones.