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By ShaneP
Hybride and ILM join forces: ... ight-magic

This allows Hybride to work on potentially more SW films down the road, among other blockbusters. It also gives ILM an ability to draw from the substantial talent base in Eastern Canada without having to go to the expense of opening another ILM branch or recruiting and moving talent to the states.
By Kmart
Does Hybride still do TV work? Was thinking of new trek series ... Apologize if I'm confusing different Canadian vfx companies, but isn't this the remains of CORE Digital, or were these always separate?
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By ShaneP
I know Zoic does tv stuff. Didn't Zoic do Firefly? Zoic is in Vancouver while Hybride started in Quebec.

Not sure about Hybride's tv work. They were the first major film vfx company to emerge in Canada. I first remember reading about them for the Spy Kids movie and at the time it mentioned they worked with Rodriguez on The Faculty in 98. But they predate CORE. Hybride started in 1991!(I had no idea it was that long ago until I read the PR release). I don't know what they worked on before Rodriquez' projects but assume it was Canadian shows and projects.
By andyson
I'm not sure about on their old page but I think she was featured on one of the Fxguide tv episodes for….I draw a blank what movie it was for. It was in the last few years it seems. It looks like it was an overview on fxphd of animating different characters at ILM, including Rango