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That pretty much guarantees Kosinski will be using ILM in the future. When I talked to him and Claudio Miranda about some commercial spots they did for a computer game, they both were surprised and angry about Eric being dropped by DD, and pretty much declared that where Eric went, they would be following. Wonder if that means Fincher would be using ILM as well?
Yeah I wonder about Fincher. He seems to be a DD loyalist(if there is such a thing). But it might be as much he likes working with Barba.

I wonder why DD dropped Barba? Trying to free up money? He was there for almost 20 years.

Barba is a good get by ILM. Should help solidify their presence in Vancouver.
Be interesting to see how my future assignments resolve. I mean, I've covered nearly all of Claudio's work for Fincher, Kosinski and Lee for the last several years, going back to BUTTON, so I've talked to Eric a few times. ILM won't put anybody on the phone with me, but it'd be interesting to see if things changed if a film's director challenged them on this. Out of maybe 15 or 20 assignments since 2009 (some of which fell through altogether, most which were done without ILM participation or by bringing in another writer to do that portion), I've only once gotten to speak to ILM folk, and I think that was because Peter Berg made an issue out of it on BATTLESHIP. Either that or the studio PR overrode ILM PR.
It could. Fincher has as much clout as any director. Kosinski has a visual style I really like and I thought Oblivion was fantastic visually.
Agreed. I'm apparently one of the few people out there who liked Tron: Legacy, and I thought both that and Oblivion looked great. A very unique, pristine style. Kosinski seems like the perfect kind of person to tackle a Bladerunner sequel or Batman Beyond movie.

But I honestly hope that Kosinski stays with DD. ILM is inundated with tons of work as is. Gotta' spread the love, you know?
I think Kmart's suggestion is that usually filmmakers who use the same vfx supes and facilities in show after show many times follow the vfx supe wherever they go. Zemeckis following Ralston from ILM to SPI would be an example.

But sure, it's not a guarantee of anything.