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Studio Daily talks to Roger Guyett about the film.

The film had 2100 vfx shots.

1400 of those were done by ILM's Main Branch, London, Singapore and Vancouver, as well as partners BASE, Hybride and Virtuoso.

Bad Robot's Kelvin Optical in LA did 800 shots including fix-its, wire removals, etc.

Here: ... e-awakens/
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I'm not sure but I believe MUSE is for use on-set whereas what they did on TFA with Snoke and Maz didn't require that due to the nature of the CG character shots(Snoke is an oversized hologram and Maz is a small person unlike Lupita's stature).

So MUSE probably wouldn't fit for those two characters.
Saw it again. My opinion about the movie didn't change too much, to say the truth. For me it lacks the energy and spectacle of Abrams Star Trek movies. Pretty strange.

I changed my mind about the cg carachters: Maz Kanata looks great, in fact. The first time i saw the movie, she didn't make a great impression to me, due to the sudden switch from the practical puppets in the castle to the cg Maz. Her facial expressions are spot on too. Snoke looks decent and i didn't even realize that the guy who sells food to Rey, had a cg face. The other vfx are flawless; it deserved the Oscar, imho.