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Yes it is CG. McBride mentions that Alejandro wanted complete control over the "wildlife" in the film. As we both know, you can't really make elk do much except try and get the hell away from you.
Most are very gun shy of people(for very good reason as they are hunted for their very tasty meat. Their meat is better than deer, who browse and so their diet makes their meat not as good as elk, who are grazers and so grass fed). Sorry for the digression but I like elk meat better than venison.

I suppose there might be Hollywood Elk that have been trained to a point not to fear man but I'm not sure you can make them act much. They're still unpredictable.
We dont get much elk meat here surprisingly!! Kangaroo meat is good though.
The shot I meant with the elk is aftrr they have shot it. I assumed it was a prop animal body but Mcbride mentions the closeup specifically in the article and I only saw two elk shots, one alive and one dead.
Thanks for continuing to post these links by the way Shane.