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By ShaneP
Ian writes for Thrillist about the practical and CG hybrid creatures/droids for the film, including Proxima and L337. ... t-creation

This is the kind if combination animatronic/CG stuff we've talked about here for years and it is terrific they are taking that to the next level.

And AWN's in-depth look and interview with Bredow, written by Barbara Robertson: ... wars-story

I love that they are doing so many vfx now pre-production and then having them to run on those LEDS during the shoot, such as for the Falcon in-cockpit hyperspace jump. That kind of interaction is awesome to read about.
Vincent Frei talks to Rob Bredow,Pat Tubach and Matt Shumway about the film's vfx and animation challenges: ... ght-magic/

Film had around 500 ILMers and another 100 or so from different vendors working on it.

Bill Desowitz at Indiewire talks about the film: ... 201971838/