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If I had my way, I'd want Weta to come back. Although, I'd also want this movie to be connected with Peter Jackson's King Kong, and that ain't happening, so...

But seriously, I'd love for Weta to have another crack at Kong/Skull Island without Peter Jackson and his whizzy camera moves/mediocre compositing. I re-watched his Kong the other day and there are some shots in that movie that are so glorious. Even after aging 10 years, there's some slow, lingering close-ups of Kong's face that are so photoreal. (And then there's the Raptor/Bronto chase, and not much needs to be said on that. :lol: )

I'd say that MPC or Framestore is a good chance. They want this Kong movie to connect to Legendary's Godzilla movies, so they might as well get MPC to do the lion's share and save trouble of handing over assets or starting over with models and such.
SDCC Teaser for Kong Skull Island. Offers a few glimpses of ILM's Kong.
Looks promising. Love the giants spider shot!

Hopefully they keep Kong more secretive in the trailers and then let loose in the movie. I know that sometimes less is more, but you also get examples like the 2014 Godzilla where less was just less. :lol:
Dang, son! Looks even better now! Lots of new shots of Kong - makes me think that he's definitely not going to be a 2014 Godzilla scenario.

Also, LOVE the new creatures! Swamp buffalo? Wood monster? And even a two-legged lizard in reference to the 1933 Kong pit? My body-my body is ready.

Like I said before, I'm usually not one for rehashing ideas, but I really hope there's dinosaurs in this. I'd love to see a massive, 200 foot tall Tyrannosaurus in this.