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It will debut in 2017 via CBS' new streaming service All Access, which is a subscription-based service. It is being guided by Alex Kurtzman, who has a long relationship with JJ Abrams going back to their Lost days and who worked with Abrams on the new incarnation of Trek movies.

No word on if it will take place in the same alt-universe as JJ Trek does but it seems likely.
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By aslan
See now I feel like a right git. Sorry Kmart.

If it's any consolation, surely the fact that it's a CBS show would indicate that it won't be the jjverse? Do they even have the legal rights to do so?
By Kmart
Apparently CBS has ALL trek rights, so they have the option to use the JJverse, but they'd have to pay a royalty for characters or situations. I'm intrigued from a selfish point of view, since I still have tons of trek story concepts/pitches that would work in either verse, but from a viewing standpoint I'm definitely a Prime guy.

The CBS/BR issue might be like the Bond situation, where they have the rights to non-Fleming novels, but until SPECTRE they never actually credited any of those (there is a torture scene in SPECTRE that is inspired by Kingsley Amis' 007 novel COLONEL SUN, and there is some kind of screen credit acknowledging this.) Kinda wish if they went this route they used John Gardner's character of Blofeld's beautiful but asymmetrically busomy daughter.
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By aslan
:lol: Can you imagine the response if the next Bond film's villain was a lopsided big boobed woman? I think they should dispense with the whole modernising Bond and embrace the misogyny, ride roughshod over all modern sensebilities and to hell with it. It would be a huge hit.

As far as Trek, I would like to see it set 400 years after Next Gen and not address which fictional universe it's in at all. Just make a fine show and be done with it.
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By aslan
Ok so having googled the Nena Bismaquer character I feel like my previous comment was pretty misoginistic itself. She would indeed be an interesting role for a film to explore and a nice change of pace from the interchangable middle age men we have been getting.

I should be posting this in a bond thread really. Sorry.
Well, are you getting the Meyer Marvel who did TWOK, the one who wrote the good parts of TVH or the one who screwed up so much of TUC?

Guardedly I'm glad, but really hope this has nothing to do with JJverse.

Also really wish they'd bring back open submission policy.
Aside from WOK I have never thought Meyer was succesful in implementation of his obviously intelligent and interesting ideas. Undiscovered country I find to be a very hamfisted take on a good concept. The characters all seemed off to me. It' been a long time but the day after also fell flat as I recall. Especially following Threads. But despite this I find myself more interested in the show, so it's done the trick.
Agreed on all points, esp AFTER vs THREADS. But did you ever see SPECIAL BULLETIN, which was presented like a live newscast? Anti nuke scientists and activists threaten to detonate a homemade nuke in New Orleans. Had Ed Flanders in it, and it was absolutely awesome. In fact, gonna try to find if it streams or is on DVD, saw it 10 times on my old VHS.
Meant to ask you Kmart, if by some long shot they did introduce an open submission policy, would you definately give it a shot? I know you have spoken before about potential pitches and spec scripts you have. Not to sound too kiss ass, but speaking as one who has enjoyed your technical writing it would be nice to get the opportunity to experience some creative fiction too.
I went through my file cabinet and took the whole half-drawer of premises, outlines and specs for TNG and found that I had actually written up a bunch of short notions for ENTERPRISE as well before it debuted. I read through a few of them and only one was awful, but a lot would depend on what the state of the universe is in the new series. Which century, which universe, all that. But I'm sufficiently interested that I'm actually not going to wait, and I think I'm going to look toward getting an agent again (I had one way back when but she only handled features, so I went the spec route with TNG.) I figure between GALAXY QUEST and LOST IN SPACE and TREK all going to series, there is never going to be a better time for my kind of thing, even though I love FIREFLY more than all of them wrapped into one (the other half of the file drawer is full of my FIREFLY-like thing, which I worked up in the late 80s and early 90s as an ANTItrek kind of show ... )
TUC works okay as a movie, but mygod, opening day I was practically cursing the screen. Really considered it character assassination on Kirk & Spock. The fact there hasn't been a better trek movie since is less an endorsement of TUC than it is a condemnation of what followed. The only ones I really enjoy rewatching (the good with the bad) are TMP, TWOK & TFF. The rest I usually just do the 'greatest hits' routine, chapterskipping to set pieces and moments of interest. Even though there is a lot of hatred for the TMP blu-ray, for me it very closely recreates the theatrical experience (the 2nd run theatrical experience, which was so much brighter than opening day and with much more detail visible, which kind of makes me wonder if it was a matter of projector bulbs or whether Wise really did order most of the copies printed down to hide defects, which was a story that circulated in the early 80s.)

Don't know if I mentioned it but last year I picked up a blu-ray of TREK 09 for 85cents. I've just about gotten my money's worth out of it. Would be willing to spend twice as much on INTO DARKNESS, but the line must be drawn there at 1.70 - no further. (did you see the attempt at a TUC ref in my previous post, where I said something like 'there will never be a better time.')

On a slightly related note, I actually found some of my writing from 1980, when, while working a couple months as the swing shift counterman for a donut shop, I wrote about 80 pages (longhand) of a STAR TREK novel. Omigod is it BAD! No wonder I am terrified of writing prose fiction, I have no business doing it. Script form is pretty much my only speed, having to fill up the page with all that other stuff is way too tough. It does have a good space battle, and a scene where Kirk has to jump out of engineering onto the vertical warp core. Other than that, it was an hour of pain for me (and I'm not just talking about having to read my handwriting, which is probably in the top tenth of a percentile in terms of illegibility.)
Oh and the core idea -- that the post TMP Enterprise is too big of a target to let go off and explore the universe, sort of like the Germans with their Bismarck -- is not horrible either, though that is why the front page is titled SINK THE ENTERPRISE! (yeah, really.)
:D You didn't nickname the Enterprise the Dreadnaught did you? :P

You could have gone all the way and just submerged the ship like they did in STID.

Yeah I really don't care much for Trek 3 and the TNG Treks. TMP, II,IV,V, and VI are the only ones worthy of the big screen.

JJ Treks are awhile different thing. I don't consider them a part of the classic lineage.