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By ShaneP
Ditto on EX MACHINA. Fantastic film. Effecrs were great but were basically only for the one character. One of my favorite movies of the year..
Yeah mostly for Eva and a bit for Isaac's silent companion. But so well done.

Unexpected ending too I thought.
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By ninja turtle

Terrific work though by Image Engine(once again after their terrific work on D9). I agree that probably should be a strong contender for at least the final bake-off if not a full nod. I'm still waiting to see all of the films through this year before I pick my five.

Another film that had tremendous robotic vfx was Ex Machina. DNeg did brilliant work on that. That had to have some very time consuming match move and paint and roto work.

Yes, i saw EX Machina. Iiked it very much, fine vfx too, i didn't know they were made by DNeg.
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By vfx fan
I'm thinking The Revenant may take it, since it's the kind of movie Oscar voters like.

Fury Road was too testosterone-driven. And while it's nice for a popcorn movie to get more recognition, it just wasn't political or symbolic enough for Oscar voters.

The Revenant also has the most nominations as well as the most subtle work, and a director reputable for being artsy.

Say, where's Todd?
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By ShaneP
I would suggest there's plenty of testosterone in The Revenant. It is about unhinged trappers and their guide who seeks mortal revenge. There's a brutal battle between indigenous and American people. There's a brutal grizzly momma attack. Hardy also plays his best role yet as an absolutely ruthless frontiersman. At least this time he doesn't fucking mumble his way through it like in Mad Max.

I would love to see The Revenant win. They're all top notch vfx picks. The Martian had some good environment work too. I've already spoken about my admiration for Ex Machina's vfx and the film as a whole. Good relatively smaller film.

I loved Fury Road in its entirety.

The Force Awakens had the single best hard surface modeling I've ever seen. Top notch environment and sim work too. Loved it.
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By aslan
Max just won critics choice for vfx. Oh christ, it's going to win the oscar isn't it? I tried watching it again and I just don't get it. I'm really out of the loop on this one. I actually hate it. I got angrier and angrier as it played out. If it were a person I would kick it's fucking teeth in.

That's reasonable, yes?!!
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By ShaneP
Well not kicking teeth in but disagreeing with the pick. But, I love the film and that kind of compositing. Maybe it's another one of those ID4 or Babe kind of years? TFA is great but it's the seventh film in a series which has already been nominated and won before in this category. I'm not sure enough people consider The Revenant to be a big showy vfx film to win either. Same goes for Ex Machina and The Martian.