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Let's hope not! I just listed the animation and vfx supervisors. I stopped at vfx producers as they are too numerous to mention and fly in and out like a flock of birds.

By the way, Steve Nichols and Stephen Aplin are returning ILM animation alum who are 10+ yr. veterans of the company. They return after stints at Image Engine(Nichols suped the excellent aliens in District 9) and DNeg(Aplin spearheaded that company's great animation on John Carter).

Nichols returns as an Vancounver Animation Sup and Aplin heads up the London team(after Eames returned to Framestore earlier this year).

Welcome back to ILM!

edit: as a side note, the ILM web masters need to consider breaking their supes page up into different ones for vfx supes, art directors, and animation supervisors.
ILM updated the Vision and Craft section with a little interview with Senior TD Alexis Hall. Recent credits include Captain America: Civil War.

Hopefully they will start doing more of these interviews. They have several hundred subject matter right there.

Oh and they could put some of their crew posters up on their website too. That would be cool.
ILM really needs to update their website, especially regarding vfx and animation supervisors and art directors.

There are several recent arrivals not covered on their website, including Richard McBride(come on guys. He's been a supervisor for YEARS NOW),Julian Foddy, Mark Curtis, Chad Wiebe, Steve Nichols, Steve Aplin, and Matthew Cowie.

Alex Wang, veteran of Digital Domain, also joins ILM Vancouver as a vfx supervisor. His latest work can be seen in the upcoming The Fate of the Furious where he suped the vfx of DNeg.