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By ShaneP
I was going through some of the pictures taken of Lucasfilm employees by Joel Aron back when Disney closed Lucasarts and cancelled The Clone Wars and downsized ILMs R&D dept.
It appears they let go of some longtime veterans if these pictures are anything to go by.

I'm specifically talking about over twenty year vet Geoff Campbell and fifteen plus year vet Bridget Maria Goodman.
I'm sure there are others too.
Does anyone know if they were a part of the ILM team that was downsized as a part of the R&D dept cuts?
It just made me think of veteran employees and how these kind of difficult decisions are made.
I understand it happens everywhere(it happened to me too) but was just curious if anyone knew if they were tied to that downsizing that took place in the Lucasarts/ILM crossover team or the R&D reduction. Thx.