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The name says it all. This is a thread to showcase some of the model and miniature artistry on display in the prequels. I will try and locate the best pics available.

Let's start with Episode One:


This is Fon Davis working on a federation lander in the federation hangar bay. ILM's model shop really excelled at environment work for the prequels. They weren't just doing ships, but entire landscapes.


The Theed miniature models built for several shots.


The Mos Espa Arena.Notice the little exhaust trails in the sand around the starting grid where the racers start their engines. Amazing detail.

More Theed:

Regardless of what you may think of the overall quality of the prequel movies in terms of narrative, there is absolutely no denying the insane amount of talent present in the VFX/SFX/miniature work. :eek: Absolutely gorgeoustunning (patent pending) work.

Still surprises me when I see some of this stuff because I had no idea that it was miniature work.