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I'll get the haters.... but man I love the ILM stuff from Star Wars to the late 90s. Like Dennis Muren recently said, special FX arent special, everyones got em.

That being said, I'm a huge huge fan of *batteries not included. Well mostly because of the robots.

I know that ILM Presidio has a set on display. They also had this set on display at the last San Diego comic con this year I think.

Anyone know where the others might exist? I would love to own a set someday. I know, long shot :)

I've visited Skywalker Ranch twice and they have plenty of nice stuff there. I did not visit their Archives but I know they have a lot of amazing stuff.

Can anyone on here get me a quick tour of the ILM Presidio location? I'd love to see the props they have on display. Interesting to me is that ILM Presidio has 10x more movie props/replicas on display than all of Lucas Ranch!

I'm in SF if there is ever a tour organized :) I think a visit to Phil Tippets studio is in my bucket list as well ;)