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By ShaneP
After a few years working closely with Beijing's Base-Fx, it was announced today ILM has signed an expanded agreement with the Chinese co. for exclusive use of their services.

Kathy Kennedy even signed the agreement in person in Beijing.

Here: ... 200383782/

As a little bit of info: Base-Fx also includes some former ILM alum like Pamela Hobbs, their creative director, who worked for some years in the mid-aughts as a matte artist, and longtime rotoscope artist Patrick Jarvis, who spent over a decade at ILM before moving onto the now-defunct DD Florida studio.
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By PaulILMFan
Obviously a cost cutting measure labour rates to do the same work in China are a lot cheaper than elsewhere another nail in the coffin of the Hollywood VFX industry as think about it is there really a shortage of skilled VFX workers in N America/UK (where most of the work used to be done).
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By ShaneP
Well yes, cost-cutting for now. This relationship between the two companies is also not new. They worked together on I Am Number Four two years ago.
I remember reading a piece with Bill George where he basically supervised large portions of the work out of Base. ILM is almost like a broker in these situations(although not exact, it does have some of those aspects to it).

Until and unless there is unionization in all the western countries(that would then spread to other nations), formation of a trade organization of industry leaders to establish standards, as well as an honest discussion of subsidies(which all the western countries are guilty of), this situation will only accelerate.
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By ninja turtle
i want to make a question(maybe a bit naive) : since cinema is a very important industry in Caifornia, why does the state don't afford some kind of tax incentives for the vfx companies or the studios like they do in UK,Canada, New Zeland, and in other U.S states? Well, i knew that California was almost bankrupt some yeras ago, but i don't know what is the financial situation today...