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I'm doing another story about FIRST MAN for STUDIO DAILY, this one focusing on the model work. Only just found out (AFTER the ICG article already got published) that Ian Hunter was the model supervisor on this show! That's direct from model DP Tim Angulo, who you guys probably remember from The Chandler Group days and a lot of New Deal work in years since then.

Am hoping to talk with Hunter about it (the production designer had told me that the art department 3d printed all the models, but now I know Hunter oversaw the model work, which isn't surprising considering how good it looks in the trailer and various scenes I've glimpsed online.) Still don't understand how I could talk to DP, prod des and vfx super for FIRST MAN and not have Hunter's name come up once (he only became listed on imdb's credits in the last few weeks, I think.)
Watched THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE miniseries on Netflix, and as dumb as Jan de Bont's 1999 interpretation of Shirley Jackson's novel was, at least stuff happened in it. This miniseries was boring and unnecessarily drawn out. It was more of a soap opera with a guest appearance by ghosts, but at least it had more chilling moments than AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Perhaps if it was a two-hour movie about a family in a haunted house, they might've had something.
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