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I'm doing another story about FIRST MAN for STUDIO DAILY, this one focusing on the model work. Only just found out (AFTER the ICG article already got published) that Ian Hunter was the model supervisor on this show! That's direct from model DP Tim Angulo, who you guys probably remember from The Chandler Group days and a lot of New Deal work in years since then.

Am hoping to talk with Hunter about it (the production designer had told me that the art department 3d printed all the models, but now I know Hunter oversaw the model work, which isn't surprising considering how good it looks in the trailer and various scenes I've glimpsed online.) Still don't understand how I could talk to DP, prod des and vfx super for FIRST MAN and not have Hunter's name come up once (he only became listed on imdb's credits in the last few weeks, I think.)
Watched THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE miniseries on Netflix, and as dumb as Jan de Bont's 1999 interpretation of Shirley Jackson's novel was, at least stuff happened in it. This miniseries was boring and unnecessarily drawn out. It was more of a soap opera with a guest appearance by ghosts, but at least it had more chilling moments than AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Perhaps if it was a two-hour movie about a family in a haunted house, they might've had something.
Enjoyed the hell out of THE CHRISTMAS CHRONICLES, though it should've gotten a bigger fx budget and a theatrical release. (The elves looked like they were from a cheap animated movie when they should've looked more like Gremlins.)

I thought a few things about the movie dragged down the film's ambition, namely a subplot where Santa goes to jail, which was often a lot of fun but seemed to chew up too much of the run time. I loved how Santa's technology worked in this movie and would've rather explored that more...but Netflix budget, I guess.

It goes without saying that with Chris Columbus as one of the producers and its Chicago setting, the film will remind you of ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING, including a blues performance scene and children being kidnapped and taken to a chop shop hideout. I didn't mind...

Kurt Russell was also a great Santa and definitely carried this movie. I hope they make more of these.
Andy Davis and John Hughes shot in Chicago a lot too, didn't they? Shows how little I know about geography, I think of Chicago and NY as interchangeable (Nolan might too, shooting Chicago for Gotham), except NY has nifty deco aspects to some skyscrapers.

Never been a Columbus fan (except BABYSITTER) think that he started the POTTER films off in the worst most literal-minded way possible, and especially dislike the flying 'smack my snitch up' scenes.

I always start with #3 when I rewatch the POTTERS.
Not a movie but I'm interested in the upcoming Bob Zemeckis-produced tv series on the History Channel, Project Blue Book, about the USAF UFO CYA, I mean investigation, program.

I love this topic and Zemeckis hopefully will bring the production value it deserves.

Here's a trailer:

...and a clip:

On regular cable too so most people will have a chance to see it. Premieres January 8.
Kmart, yeah Chicago was a stomping ground for Davis and Hughes, and they were also from the area, and I believe Nolan partially grew up there.

Speaking of Nolan, that was the big problem I had with THE DARK KNIGHT; Gotham City was obviously Chicago, at least with BATMAN BEGINS they extended it to look like it's it's own city. THE DARK KNIGHT RISES was largely shot in Pittsburgh.
Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer 2!

Looks like we are going to get another murky dour looking Godzilla movie. I know they are trying to do something that conveys an apocalyptic mood but can they do anything in daylight for god's sake? Even that damn movie with The Rock had huge monsters in broad daylight.

And....the latest Alita: Battle Angel international trailer:
I think the murk you mention is one reason why I'm taking such joy in watching old movies. Seeing blue skies and white clouds over a full-color landscape is such a joy. We just got the TOMBSTONE blu-ray and even though it isn't a perfect transfer by a long shot, it still engages. I don't love LADYHAWKE, but damn, there are some vivid daylight scenes in snow that glow, they are so right looking, and the blu-ray looks almost as good as it did in a very fine movie theater (one of the rare ones, even back in the 80s.)
That same murkiness even afflicted the last Mission Impossible.

You guys were talking about John Hughes earlier. This bit from an earlier Bumblebee review made me laugh:

"Not to mention Knight’s Transformers have a more simple, recognizable design than the previous movies, so you really feel like you’re watching a Transformers cartoon from the Eighties. All those things make Bumblebee feel more like a John Hughes movie with Michael Bay effects rather than a Michael Bay movie with a John Hughes story."

I hope Knight managed to do that.

Here is the review: ... 1830985099
Zemeckis has been a hit-or-miss lately, even when he returned to invisible fx storytelling which had become so commonplace by the time he returned back to form, but it's still fun to figure out what superfluous invisible fx he puts into his movies, since he is sort of the pioneer of it.

I remember a shot in FLIGHT where Denzel is drinking while driving and it looked a little off...I wondered if he was actually shot in front of a green screen...
I got the new VFX VOICE issue today and it had my MARWEN piece in it. I'm thinking that means they might put it up online before the end of the month to tie into the film's release. Really think that the work may be very good, am hoping so anyway, and I'd like to really enjoy another Zemeckis movie again, though RABBIT is still my favorite by a good margin.
I got the new VFX VOICE issue today and it had my MARWEN piece in it. I'm thinking that means they might put it up online before the end of the month to tie into the film's release. Really think that the work may be very good, am hoping so anyway, and I'd like to really enjoy another Zemeckis movie again, though RABBIT is still my favorite by a good margin.
Back to the Future and Roger Rabbit are the two Zemeckis films I always find highly rewatchable. I love those two films. Two of my favorites. And the work they put into Roger Rabbit just seems so amazing even today. Think about doing hundreds or thousands of shots on the optical printer back then. :e_biggrin: Ralston even made a sketch of optical supervisor John Ellis with guns pointed at this head as he sweated. Probably pinned it to his office door. :lol:
MIB INTERNATIONAL looks like it might at least be as good as MIB2...

I think Kaminski's second best work was probably a tie between SAVING PRIVATE RYAN and MINORITY REPORT. I felt he did a good job at imitating Douglas Slocombe's work in CRYSTAL SKULL, very underrated movie, IMO. The main problem with CRYSTAL SKULL is that many of us were kids when we saw the first three and became cynical adults by the time the fourth installment arrived.

But most importantly, I enjoyed my double feature of MARY POPPINS RETURNS and SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDERVERSE. The latter was the best superhero movie of the year. At first, I was polarized by the animation style, but then I got into it. I sincerely hope this ties into the MCU eventually.
I've heard good things about Into the Spiderverse. And I've heard good things about Poppin's Returns except the music numbers aren't as memorable(well, how could they be since it is just out and you are comparing it to musical numbers burned into your brain since childhood?)and Meryl Streep has a very out of place, or shoehorned in, cameo. Other than that, people saying it is top notch.

As for Into the Spiderverse, I suspect they might do something with the Morales Spidey after Holland does a few Spider Man films. It will be interesting to see what Marvel does with ALL OF THE MCU now that a large portion of it has been done. Do they start over? Do they reboot?

Some of the casting of the MCU has just been so spot on I cant imagine them finding people that embody these characters like this again.
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