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Nice catch Bigj!

This show reportedly could cost as much as $1 billion dollars. :eek: I just hope the writing is as golden. I believe this show is set in the second age, the age prior to the events in LOTR.

To put it into context for SW fans, it would be if a set of SW films were set during the time of the Sith reign of Darth Bane the Jedi Council talked about during the prequels.

So thankfully, no young Aragorn for this show! They're going way back.
There's this Wal Mart commercial that premiered way back during the Super Bowl last Winter. It features a bunch of vehicles from famous movies. There is some vfx. Well, it turns out ILM worked on this spot. Jason Smith was ILM's supervisor. The Mill LA also did work on it as well.

Here is the spot:

Great to see ILM doing spot work still here and there. :thumbup:
IMDb lists Scott Farrar as the supe for A QUIET PLACE 2 and a couple of ILM names. Did Scott Farrar return to ILM?
They are working on that film but I'm not sure about Farrar. :?: He might just be working on the production side of things from here on out.

And here is the Battle at Big Rock short that premiered on FX yesterday:

A bit disappointed it doesn't include the full credits but the short is much better than I expected. Liked it better than the last Jurassic World feature.
How did we miss this one? It is Playing with Fire, starring John Cena:

Here is the trailer:

Good? Bad? Ridiculously bad?

It sort of reminds me of that goofy film with Vin Diesel ILM worked on in 2005(I just remember it was the same year as Episode III and it was a loaded ILM year but can't remember the name of it).
Write up at Shoot about ILM's work on the latest Star Wars Jedi Falen Order game from EA: ... jedi%C2%A0

Now I don't game anymore so I wouldn't put this up here but what I did find interesting was it listed ILM's artist credits and one of those was Jonathan Rothbart. :?: The co-founder of The Orphanage? Is he at ILM now? Was it just for this job?

He was on-set vfx supervisor and longtime ILMer Sherry Hitch was vfx supervisor during post.
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