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Sequel. Apparently, there were SEVEN Mary Poppins books, and this is taking material from those.
Oh wow so it literally is Poppins' returns. Will we get a scene at the end when Emily sticks out her umbrella to Julie Andrews?


I could've sworn that ILM had INFINITY WAR listed on their upcomings list. It's not there anymore if I was indeed not hallucinating.

ILM is listed as a vendor on IMDb, but as far as actual people, a couple of Weta and DD credits so far.

Cinefex lists DNEG and DD. I could've sworn ILM was there, too.
ILM's official page never had Infinity War officially listed but Cinefex did. However, Cinefex sometimes jumps the gun in listing fx houses and this might be one of those.

As for IMDB, well it's IMDB and it can be spot on or very off.

I'm indifferent to ILM's involvement with MCU going forward unless the director is really intriguing. The Russo's directed The Winter Soldier, my favorite of the MCU films so far. But they also did Civil War, one of the dullest. And the MCU films always have the sense of pulling back to keep you watching the next installment.
That was one thing that bugged me about Star Wars Episode 7 is it seemed to pull some punches. The very first Star Wars didn't do that. It left it all on the table because George wasnt sure if he'd ever be able to make another one so he did his best to do a rip roaring story with a beginning-middle and end. And it's a classic. It is a self-contained story. That's why The Empire Strikes Back had to go all different. They really had no choice given what happened in Star Wars. All of these other franchises today, even the Star Wars sequel trilogy, seem to hold back and wink to what is to come instead of just giving us 100% in each film. And they all end up suffering because of it.

Infinity War is also looking to be insanely crowded with nearly the entire MCU stable of heroes and villains.

Maybe Poppins Returns will have a scene where she whips out her umbrella and goes all gangster against dark lords of the chimney sweeps? Poppinz-FU.
Yeah I have to agree, it looks beautifully shot but lacks anything interesting to me. I needed wow got really felt like an independent film rather than a Star Wars film.i have yet to be convinced but sure I will be!
So yeah, ILM is on INFINITY WAR, per the official site. Russell Earl is the fx supe, Kevin Martel heads the animation dept.

I think Digital Domain 3.0 (WTF is 3.0, anyway?), Dneg, Framestore and Weta are involved, too.
So yeah, ILM is on INFINITY WAR, per the official site. Russell Earl is the fx supe, Kevin Martel heads the animation dept.

I think Digital Domain 3.0 (WTF is 3.0, anyway?), Dneg, Framestore and Weta are involved, too.
Yeah we knew they were involved in some way. I even have a thread here about it. But, we didn't know the extent of their involvement.

The ILM website is bizarre in some ways. If you are a ILM completist, and I'm sure you are or you wouldn't be here, then the official site comes up short as far as a full credit listing. There are some films they just leave off for whatever reason. And they took off the Jimmy Fallon Universal Ride film completely after having it up for months. Yet they mentioned it on their Facebook page! Their PR needs to get on the same page!

And they still don't have all the people up like animation supervisors Aplin and Nichols and Kayser as well as numerous vfx supervisors. No McBride,Foddy, Weibe, Curtis,etc.

But their old site was much the same way too when it came to credits. It seems they've never made it their mission it to have a definitive listing. Some movies are left off. They didn't even acknowledge a movie they just worked on…Life. Not one thing about it.


As for DD3.0…that is an interesting story. 1.0, or DD, was the original conception of the studio under the ownership of Cameron…etc. That ended when it was sold and it moved some operations to Florida about a decade or so ago. That was 2.0. 3.0 is the incarnation of the studio under the new regime of globalists. It's part of a larger corporate conglomerate of companies. I believe the owner(s) are largely located in Asia. Most of the vfx work is done in Vancouver now I think.

Most of these vfx companies have gutted their operations in LA and have moved their work to Vancouver. Imageworks is largely the same. This is all a consequence of subsidies and the studios, the vfx studios, having ZERO leverage when dealing with the major studios.

In a sane world, there would be a Vfx Trade Group enforcing standards and practices for the industry and artists who were unionized or at least affiliated in some way with some labor group who provided some collective power for basic benefits and standards.

The Art Directors and Animators are unionized but the rest are mostly not.
Yeah, I thought you made that post about ILM going Infinity and Beyond, but I forgot it was a whole separate thread from this. My suspicions arose when Cinefex pulled them from the page on their upcoming films section. IMDb had them listed in their vendor list since the page for the film was created, but most of the actual people are from Dneg or DD, and the trend for many movies is that ILM sits the third one out, such as the case with Iron Man and Abrams' Treks. Both, I think, also went to Dneg, if I'm not mistaken.

Was DD 2.0 the Michael Bay era?

And what has Adrian Millington worked on in the past? Is he from London, too?

Was DD 2.0 the Michael Bay era?

And what has Adrian Millington worked on in the past? Is he from London, too?
Yes DD2.0 was best classified as the Textor/Michael Bay ownership era.

Millington has been at ILM for the last few years working on Pac Rim and other movies. He also worked at Weta and Animal Logic and Sony. He is in Vancouver. Most of ILM's growth seems to be there recently.
According to ILM's site, only San Francisco studio is working on Avengers Infinity War. It sounds a bit strange, or maybe they aren't the the primal vendor this time?
Yes they might not be. In fact, I'm not sure if these films have a primary vendor any more. They're like the earlier Potter films it seems.

They might have SF just listed for now and may add locales as we go.
Well, ILM is usually the only vendor listed on the credits on the movie posters in most of the Marvel films they're involved in if that's any indication of who the primary vendor is. Though shot count doesn't seem to mean primary vendor, either. Of course, you could argue that Marvel's in-house team is the main vendor, though I'm not really sure how their productions are set up. ILM routinely got credited first in the Potter movies, though most of the other studios worked on more shots. Politics, maybe? Maybe they're considered the primary vendor because their sequences were the most complex or maybe the most pivotal to the plot? It's been a while, I forgot what ILM worked on in the Potter movies.

I'm inclined to agree with Shane, however, as ILM was involved with Infinity War for quite some time. Maybe Vancover, London, and Singapore are listed next to Richard McBride, Chad Weibe, et al.

It seems that only SF and Vancouver are the only ones involved on Ragnorok and Black Panther, as well.
For all we know Singapore might be packed right now and they are waiting for the load to lighten before they jump in and that's why they're not listed yet.

Could be. I do know Ready Player One is being worked on in Singapore. They might just be booked right now and so ILM is just waiting to update the locales later for Infinity War.
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