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I'm not sure how much sense it was supposed to make, but I didn't care, and perhaps the movie was too high to care, as well.

Look forward to coverage and shot breakdowns. ILM and Framestore had the most credits, probably about equal length. And The Secret Lab worked on it, too. What is this Secret Lab?
Why are so many reviewers mentioning getting high or being high when watching this?Hitfix did the same thing in their review. Did Dr. Strange have a pot plot in the 70s or something akin to Tony Starks' Demon in a Bottle storyline?

I loved those 70s and 80s Iron Man runs.

Wasn't the use of psychedelics a selling point of the ending of 2001 too?
It wound up being an after-the-fact selling point as 'the ultimate trip' but that wasn't the intention on 2001. Still, without the folks smoking grass or dropping acid, 2001 might never have broke even - it took something like 2-1/2 years for that to happen. Weird to think that a first-run movie could come out when I was 7-1/2 and still be playing in a prime theater when I was pushing 10 years old!
That is amazing it was in theaters that long though I guess that was before home video of any kind. Only chase to see it was in theaters. I do remember the nets broadcasting some hit films, specifically ABC, when I was growing up in the late 70s/early 80s. Did they do that in the late 60s at all? Was that an avenue for a film after its run was television broadcast?

I do remember the ending specifically being mentioned as this "trippy" ending that cast it as fitting into the late 60s zeitgeist. But interesting you mention it was only after the film was out and through word of mouth and not marketing.

I could probably use some drugs until this election is over. :P Coffee will have to do I guess.
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By ShaneP
Trailer for Scorsese's Silence:

Appears to be perhaps a few vfx shots: one with the characters in foreground overlooking the town and harbors beyond. Very nice. The other is an overhead shot of a boat traveling through the water.

Looks good. Adam Driver, Neeson, Scorsese and even Garfield. I'm there. 8)
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By ShaneP
Richard McBride is the vfx supervisor for Ava Duvernay's A Wrinkle In Time, set for release by Disney in 2018.
By Kmart
This last trailer has got some really good looking ship stuff towards the end. I mean, the lighting and the colors are just ... it's what it was always supposed to look like! Are these new folks, or just the same ol' same ol' with a new agenda? Really don't get a hint of the slightly painterly CG vibe that comes through in some of the prequel space stuff, and which bugged me about the Falcon approaching the downed star destroyer in the last one.
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By ShaneP
I'm with you. The CG modeling on this show looks absolutely fantastic. It is amazing how far CG has come since the prequels regarding CG that looks like the best properly lit models ever.

And the space lighting on this might be attributed to John Knoll. He is a known Trek and science fiction fan so he's likely had a hand in guiding the space shots toward greater realism. Not positive though. Might be Gareth Edwards too.

Here is one of these really great "looks like the very best practical model looking shots that is not a model shot" with the lighting from what I assume is a nearby star. It looks just like the very best model shot you could ever get.


I also love this Death Star eclipse shot

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By ShaneP
Whoah….huh? I heard some rumblings but wrote them off as wishful thinking or wild speculation: ... one-teaser

Tarkin, rather, CUSHING to appear as Tarkin in Rogue One? Say wha? :eek:

But look at this shot and the foreground out of focus Imperial Officer:(BTW, I love this shot and the earlier one with just the fleet and the DS with the dish installation)


Oh man, if that is Tarkin… 8) Wow. I am there on opening day.
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