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It's not likely Muren would be a official vfx supervisor on any project going forward, including Indy 5. He's semi-retired now and is a consultant on many of ILM's projects, or at least he was back when TFA was underway. He might be fully retired now. Not sure. So I would think his involvement as a vfx supervisor on Indy 5 highly unlikely.
IMDb lists a S. Scott Farrar, a visual effects supervising producer, who apparently did some stereoscopic conversion supervision/producing on films such as STAR WARS prequels, IMMORTALS, THE WOLVERINE, et al.

Sounds like maybe a little confusion on Cinefex's part. :-?

Now what about READY PLAYER ONE? Do we have a source or is Shane trolling us?
The Cynic wrote:According to Cinefex, Scott Farrar is the production fx supervisor on bonkers action movie HARDCORE HENRY...

Never head of that, but in terms of bonkers action, rewatched SHOOT 'EM UP this morning ... even with the sound off (didn't want to wake my wife), it was so entertaining I had to keep covering my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

Never before realized that both plot and action seem to have 'inspired' QUANTUM OF SOLACE to a large degree, sort of like doing SHOOT 'EM UP without the mockery (which loses the whole point of such O-T-T-edness.
HARDCORE HENRY is shot from a first-person perspective, with Go-Pro cameras attached to the head of the actors..The trailers are either ridiculous or mind-boggling. As a fan of THE RAID films, I choose the latter. Read there are 1800 fx shots which look rather well done in the trailers...

KMART, I also liked the use of carrots in SHOOT EM UP....
ShaneP wrote:
PaulILMFan wrote:
ShaneP wrote:I sincerely hope Muren has one big vfx Spielberg film left in him before he rides off into the sunset and retires.
Indy 5 may well be that project :wink:

:P With Salla, Indy and Connery at his side.
Connery is long retired but a flashback is possible I guess! If anyone can get Connery back for a few flashback scenes its Spielberg. More than anything I'm hoping John Williams produces some amazing music to finish the series off :thumbup:
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