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Okay, new question:

A bunch of new shows have been green lit by studios: Pacific Rim 2, Blade Runner sequel, Bumblebee spinoff(yes, that is a real thing), among many more.

Among non-Star Wars and non-Marvel films, what do you think they will work on among these or ones I didn't list?

If they do work on Pac Rim 2, what do you hope they bring to it that improves on the first film? What do you hope they keep?

edit: As much as I would love to see them get a crack at a bit of a Nolan film(like DUNKIRK!) I think he is solidly DNeg. They have a good working relationship and he seems to trust them. He also doesn't seem to like to change much so I predict he won't rock the vfx boat and will stick with DNeg.

We can also take any Jim Cameron directed or produced film off the list, in my opinion. He has a big farm now in NZ and would prefer taking his films from here on out through one facility. That facility will be WETA. Now, if there's a 911 he could always bring ILM in but I wouldn't count on it.
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Yeah a few sites have ILM listed for Spider-Man, including IMDB and Cinefex, but I don't have confirmation yet, and may not get it anyway, so I'm not ready to call it.

The Mummy reboot has ILM doing look development and design work at a minimum. MPC and Dneg are also on it.

Granite Mountain was a bit of a near certainty since Kosinski has a great relationship with Barba and he's at ILM now so….but yeah, they're confirmed on that too.

Downsizing sounds like an intriguing film. Alexander Payne seemingly disappeared for a while.
DD let him ago awhile back, which is going to cost them regular customers like Kosinski, who were very up front about taking their future work to where Barba winds up (this was when I talked to them about a computer game spot earlier this year).

Hearing this is kind of a bummer for me, because I usually cover all Claudio Miranda and Koskinski stuff (I don't think I've missed a Claudio feature since before BENJAMIN BUTTON), so I figured I'd wind up doing their firefighting thing GRANITE MOUNTAIN for 2017, but if this means ILM is doing it (I see Barba credited as super, no other credits yet), that pretty much shuts me out (again), unless we cover cinematography/productiondesign only.

So here's hoping that ILM isn't 'playing with fire' on Kosinski's next (feeble pun, that was the title of my first cinefex piece, ILM work on firefighting movie ALWAYS.)
Jedi wrote:
ShaneP wrote:Granite Mountain was a bit of a near certainty since Kosinski has a great relationship with Barba and he's at ILM now so….but yeah, they're confirmed on that too.

When did Eric Barba move to ILM? And how did I miss that news?

Slacker. :P

Yeah he became Creative Director/VFX Supervisor of ILM Vancouver in roughly April of this year. There is a really great interview with him out there(wish I could remember the website right now). He mentions that he had bid on a number of shows since his last film, Fincher's Gone Girl, but they had all fallen through. ILM then came a calling with a great offer to run a studio in Canada.
But his exit is a big blow to DD. He brought them consistent work from at least two directors, Fincher and Kosinski. One of those alone is a good relationship for a vfx supervisor and company to have for regular work, but TWO…and it's Fincher and Kosinski, two of the most impressive visual filmmakers of the last twenty years.
I admire Kosinski's Oblivion more and more as time goes by….just on visual alone. The story is good but visually it is a feast.
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Kmart wrote:guess I should have read earlier posts, didn't realize ILM did have this locked up.

Well, Barba working with Kosinski on this basically aligns with his joining ILM in Vancouver. It gave him time to set up and then go. I think it started shooting last month or in August.

He's also attracted many Vancouver DD artists to ILM-Van as well. Many of them worked with him on many projects over the years in LA and then when they moved up to DD-Vancouver. He also brought over a longtime DD vfx producer that worked with him on Tron:Legacy and Ben Button, etc.

edit: Another thing mentioned in that interview I was talking about was that DD seemed intent on letting LA go and focus on overseas and Vancouver as their main sites. Barba wanted to stay but there was a series of bids that fell through and then ILM came and offered him this new opportunity and he took it.

It also helped that he and his wife were empty nesters so they were ready for a new challenge.

I admired DD's work for many years and always thought they were right there with ILM as far as environment and overall vfx work(if not character animation). But that also has something to do with the people behind it not just technology. I don't even know who is at DD anymore.
DD is a shell of its glory days, which is sad.

I'm wondering what is the incentive for people to work at ILM Vancouver vs. any other house that's in town - living costs are insane no matter who you work for from what I hear. Is it the idea that ILM/Lucasfilm said that they are truly committed to not being a temporary set-up in town? I hope so, because seeing ILM as one of the VFX companies that seems to be good at treating its employees well is nice, and having their rep tarnished would suck.
I think the stability part might be a factor, and ILM hiring Barba helps cement that idea that they are serious about Canada long-term instead of just using it merely as a subsidy hub. There are other fx houses that seem intent on chasing subsidies wherever they might go and are not afraid to pull up stakes and just follow the money, artists be damned.

ILM needs to tread lightly in Vancouver and make a real commitment, which they seem to be doing now. You live by the subsidy then you die by it.
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