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ILM and Skull Island?! Oh, my! Colour me excited. I hope we get some more ILM CG dinosaurs! :D

ShaneP wrote:My spidey senses tells me another Spider Man film at this point is overkill.

Give it a rest guys for a few years and just put him in as a supporting member in one of the Marvel team up films, like Avengers 3.

If Marvel was smart, that's what they'd do. I'm tototally fine with a minor/supporting role for Spidey in a few movies. But no, let's cram an entire Spider-Man movie in the MCU and push the releases of our first female-lead and non-white-lead movie because THE WORLD NEEDS MORE SPIDER-MAN. :x (PS, I'm bitter.)
Really excited to see what kind of FX work there is in 13 Hours. Bay can use ILM to paint with the big brush, so here's hoping he can also have them use the small brush equally well.

Plus, I just want to see another non-Transformers Bay movie in general. Pain & Gain was fantastic, so I'm hoping that maybe he can pull another not-that-terrible one out for us.
ShaneP wrote:There's a tv trailer our for 13 Hours right now that shows a mortar round going down into the tube and shooting up into the air.

Now I don't know if Bay allows live ordinance on his sets or not but :lol: I'm guessing that might be an ILM thing.

Bay: "Hear me out, guys. Live. Ordinance. "
Execs: "No."
Bay: "But-"
Execs: "Sit down."
ShaneP wrote:So it's live action? Didn't they already have a cheesy live action PR show in the 90s?

They should do a Voltron movie instead. :mrgreen:

Yeah, it's live-action. But like, super cereal live-action now. The Rangers themselves are relative unknowns, but Elizabeth Banks is going to be the main villain.

I'd be all for a live-action Voltron before a Power Rangers movie, but Pacific Rim 2 trumps even that. :D I think they've had plans for Voltron for a while now, but I feel like between the constant bombardment of Transformers and the not-so-astronomical success/sequel trouble of Pacific Rim and now Power Rangers gaining steam, Voltron might be overkill.
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