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At this stage, though, I'm more curious/concerned about whether Will Smith as the Genie is gonna sing "Friend Like Me" or if it's gonna be re-imagined as a Will Smith rap.
I'm thinking that would be a very real possibility if Lin Manuel Miranda of the Broadway Hamilton rapping musical was involved with this one like he is with a few other upcoming Disney movies. But so far there is no indication he is so I'm not sure we will see Big Willy style in Aladdin.
One of ILM's upcoming films: 12 Strong(formerly Horse Soldiers)

This is about the U.S. SpecOps in Afghanistan for Op Enduring Freedom just weeks after 9/11, culminating in the battle of Tora Bora with U.S. Delta, Northern Alliance forces against the al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

ILM's vfx supervisor is Robert Weaver.
Article about Only The Brave at Film Journal.

Some bits about ILM's fire sim work: ... only-brave

It also appears Top Gun 2 is Kosinski's next film:

For his next film, Kosinski will be tackling something more in line with TRON: Legacy, the long-in-development sequel to the popular 1986 film Top Gun with Tom Cruise. “Obviously, Tom and I had an amazing experience on Oblivion together, and I’m always on the lookout for something else to do with him. This opportunity to go back and figure out what Maverick's been up to since we saw him last seemed like something I’m interested to see myself. I just wrapped Only the Brave a couple weeks ago, so I’m in the very early stages and just starting that transition right now

More than a good chance Barba and ILM will be onboard that too.
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