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Lots of fun! No end-of-the-world plot, bad guy is quite grounded (Keaton was perfect casting!), Giacchino did great work with the score.

There's a great sequence where Spider-Man is out in the suburbs, which is a good change of pace for the web-slinging (like, not being able to swing across a gold course because his website don't shoot that far).

If SPI was in fact the lead shop, they've really stepped shit up - maybe Marvel has better quality control. I never really saw much evidence of the SPI sheen, like they used to have trouble with. Spider's suit looked and felt like fabric, but Hi-Tech fabric. Animation was great. Compositing looked spot on.
I imagine ILM worked on the camera phone video of the events in CIVIL WAR.
I think one of the trailers showed a quick shot Parker watching that fight scene from CW and that's what I wondered about. I kept thinking it was Parker looking at his laptop though for some reason not a phone.

But that might be ILM's work right there. I wonder if the shots were new or just a replay of the exact same ones from CW?
It's new shots for sure - very different angles. Concert is that he was shooting cell phone footage in between his big moments during the battle. Works really well, actually. More so with how they cut from the Marvel logo, too!
I thought Holland worked really well as Parker in CW. I have to go see this film. Sounds like Imageworks and DD really delivered.
As far as my thoughts on SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING, I thought it was the best adaptation we've had in a good long while, though I'm not yet sure if I want to say it's better than SPIDER-MAN 2 or even Raimi's original, partially because despite this one being solid, it's no longer fresh. I have no qualms about Tom Holland as Parker/Spider-Man, I thought he did an excellent job as both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, and I thought the fx were solid, and Jedi is correct -- no sign of Imageworks' cheesiness, and it's easily their best work since SPIDER-MAN 2, which still holds up today quite well. I'm guessing that Digital Domain worked on the Iron Man sequences (maybe Vulture?).

I'm going to have to disagree with Jedi on this being grounded. I thought the final battle was a bit more Avengers-ish, and perhaps a little too beyond "street level."

The other problem is the needless comic relief. I thought that Peter Parker's sidekick was every bit as annoying as Kat Dennings in THOR, and then some, not because he didn't have the advantage of being easier on the eyes (for me, at least), but because he went as far as put a neckbeard fedora on during the party scene.

Overall, I liked the movie, and with Spider-Man reboots/reimaginings becoming stale, I thought this was the best they were probably going to get to it feeling fresh again. No, I don't think it's either the best MCU movie, and I certainly don't think it's the 90-plus percent on Rotten Tomatoes. I would personally rather see BABY DRIVER again in the theatre, but I'm sure that and SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING will be admitted into my blu-ray collection.
ILM helped upgrade EPCOT Future World Mission: Space attraction, creating two new Mars and Earth films for the ride. Should be ready in August. Here's an excerpt:

In addition, when Mission: Space reopens from its current refurbishment, it will have some new upgrades courtesy of Industrial Light and Magic. The Orange “spinning” side of the attraction will still feature a mission to Mars, but with improved visuals. The Green “no spinning” side will have an entirely new “Earth orbit” mission designed for the whole family to comfortably enjoy. ... ure-world/
I agree that atmosphere works just as well or better than explicitness for horror. Alejandro Amenabar's The Others is probably my favorite horror movie of the last twenty years and it is mostly just creepy atmosphere.

Those are the kind of horror movies I prefer(those and some of the Universal classics).

Hopefully Aronofsky doesn't go too over the top in the vfx dept. and it is all used for just creepy visuals and not some CG monsters.
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