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Okay, so ILM is working on the new Terminator film directed by Deadpool's and Blur Studios' Tim Miller. Eric Barba is the vfx supervisor. That is one of the reasons Barba is working out of LA right now.

Now, Terminator SIX wouldn't be that big of a deal in my eyes, but that isn't what this really is. This film is ignoring the existing T3: Rise of the Machines and subsequent films and treating the Terminator canon as the first two films and then this one. This is then the real Terminator 3. Jim Cameron is also involved as a producer and helped develop the story concept.

You add in Tim Miller, Barba and ILM and this film has real potential to really reinvent and reinvigorate the entire Terminator franchise after three pretty mediocre films.
I have to say this is music to my ears, hopefully it will be r rated and proper hard core stuff.I have enjoyed parts of all of the subsequent sequels but none really blew me away, think down to casting choices primarily and rather too lighthearted in their approaches. I would love to see more future war stuff and a proper terminator hunting like in the 1st two.That said I happen to think the McG directed Salvation is much maligned in imo.The opening sequence even today is hard to fault and better. Stunning use of vfx and it felt down and dirty.Brilliant.
Bigjonr wrote:Are ILM actually doing anything on the new antman? No mention on imdb or cinefex sites!.I hope they are and they did the sequence with him using the truck like a skateboard, cannot remember a more memorable use of effects, looks stunning! Guessing Scanline for the ferry sequence

Yes, ILM is working on the film. My assumption is DNeg is the lead vendor on the show along with scanline and ILM might be working on a smaller portion of the show.

In other news:

Rob Bredow has been named as the Executive Creative Director of ILM, making him the head creative of all four of ILM's studios.

The Hollywood Reporter: ... ic-1110123

and Variety: ... 202804792/
ILM's website updated their projects section:

Ant Man and the Wasp is being supervised by Russell Earl fresh off his Avengers Infinity War duties, and Dave Dally out of Singapore.

Aquaman is suped out of Vancouver by Philippe Rebours

Captain Marvel is being supervised by Craig Hammack.

Still no announcement yet for Aladdin, The Irishman, Overlord,Birdbox, Bumblebee, and Terminator THREE, but it still might be too soon to make those official.
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