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By Scott D S
I am 18 years old and I have been interested in FX since before I can remember. When I was 11, I wrote to ILM asking about job opportunites and education (this was before e-mail, kids!) and they actually sent me a letter back! It was the coolest thing getting an envelope with the ILM logo on it in the mail one day. I have also plunked down the $$$ for those coffee-table books (any news on another one?) and have been a loyal Cinefex subscriber since the Apollo 13/Batman Forever issue in '95.


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By dr.CGI
men, my post gets realy famous. :lol:
By Guest
I am 900 years old.
By Kmart
so, Yoda didn't die after all! Happy 900th!
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Man, you should have invested some money in software companies 900 years ago...

Then you could afford a more comfortable flat, probably on Coruscant... :wink:
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By dr.CGI
cool, I just whas thinking the same. :lol:
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By VinceFX
i'm 23 old !!

i started loving FX with ...
Star Wars Trilogy of course
and the Back to the Future Trilogy (too..) :wink:

few years later came Terminator 2 !!
after that movie, i knew that i want to work in the FX biz !!!

and since this year, the dream come true and i'm now doing FX for movies :wink:
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By malducin
Welcome. Well I checked your website, very good. Now I have to really start cracking the whip against myself ;-). Well, good luck with the FX.
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By EwanMagic
Well.... It's my turn.
I'm 23 y/o. A Taiwanese (live in Kaohsiung).

I have been being interested in ILM since 1994 when I knew all the movies and their FX I have seen and loved are produced by ILM (I saw Star Wars ANH on Video ,saw E.T. in theater when I was about 3~6 years old. And many other movies since then).

When I was still child, I remembered that I ever used wire to hang a toy bicycle and cut thick-paper as a moon on the background, was trying to imitate the "flying bike scenes" in E.T.
And I did lots of that kind of things since then. I tried to imitate FX scenes in other movies that the FX are also produced by ILM either. (when I look back, I thought What I did were Some how fun ,but stupid enough).

Anyway ,I'm still trying to prepare the tests. (International student qualification tests).
I hope my dream will come true one day ,but I really don't know if I still have chance.
For now ,I need to improvement English reading and writing ability for sure.

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By Frank666
Hey there, I´m 25 years old and from germany. My first Movie was Episode IV in 1983. But at that time I just took F/X for real. The first time I really wanted to know what´s behind all that was when I saw "Poltergeist". I put everything on strings to make it seem flying.
By Oculus
I am 18 years old. I actually started taking an interest in movie special effects by starting into sound effects when I was about 14-15, but found digital art much more interesting. Currently, I am attending Middle Tennessee State University and majoring in Digital Animation. I have been a subscriber to Cinefex for almost 2 years now. If anyone else knows of any related magazine, EMAIL ME! I need more reading material...
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Hehe, this thread already exists so long, that I would have to edit my prior posts or post another message!

Tomorrow I'll turn 19...(Damn Im getting old...) =)

Just wanted to make this clear ;p
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By malducin
Well Happy Birthday in advance. As far as magazines the one that comes to mind is CGW. While they don't have an FX related article every month, they do have them quite often covering the biggest projects around. Next month will cover the LOTR FX work and the CG short F8.

By the way the basic bibliography section is almost ready.
By Kmart
I just came across this thread when researching something else ... weird to see posts from 18 years back.

For the record, I just turned 59. And it's not just the mileage, it's the years, too. (not sure if necro-threads are pemitted, so if not, feel free to delete.)
By Kmart
I've been getting senior moments when it comes to remembering when I posted here!

We could probably rewrite Sinatra's IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR and use ILM/VFX milestones to fill in the lyrics. There, now that's a pointless project!
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By vfx fan
Wow, I did not need to be reminded that this thread exists. I've been here since high school.
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By ShaneP
lol. It is pretty funny to think we've all been here this long and that was with Manuel's five year gap in the forums. Most did not return but a few of us did.
By Kmart
I certainly miss AHEM. I think NZ PETE does an amazing job, but I keep thinking AHEM could have made a similar mark.
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By ShaneP
I dont even think Ahem had a website back then to even disperse his knowledge. His knowledge will be lost for all time. Maybe he will download his brain like one of those Jabba the Hutt B'omarr monks that gatekeeped? The will plug in the Ahemapp.