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By dr.CGI
how old are you friends.
uhm, I start my age.
I'm 14. :oops:
yeah, much people of my age don't care about FX. so I started realy urly caring about VFX.
if I start talking about VFX too my friends than :roll: and they say: yeah, who cares.
so, how about you?
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By vfx fan
I am 16, I have had an interest in vfx for about 2 or 3 years. Most people I know don't believe me when I say that there were fx in Forrest Gump and other movies with subtle fx.

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By malducin
Well I'm old enough to have seen the original Star Wars (not to mention Jaws and King Kong). Interest in CG came later on (Tron, a Byte article and the Voyager animation by Jim Blinn).

Don't worry, as you start getting into this you'll find more people interested in CG and FX.
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I'm 22 years old.
The first ILM film I saw in cinema was ET. I saw it as six year old boy in 1986 during its GDR release.

I grew up with Sowjet and Czech fairy tale films, but it was great for a kid like me :wink:
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I'm 18. It's no question Star Wars is how I got interested in Special f/x and ILM.

However the movie that finally started it all has been "Jurassic Park", the first movie I have watched in a real big cinema. In these times THX still has been something special and the cinemas turned it up that it hurt!

Today, they don't do this anymore...prolly they got sued or something like that. :smile:

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By Shane
14,16, geesh! I am getting old. :smile: Basically, I'm old enough to have enjoyed the original Star Wars, loved The Empire Strikes Back, been scared out of my wits at The Dark Crystal(don't ask. C'mon, those Skeeksees were scareez). Also, I now have back pain, a receding hairline, and a spare tire. Gee, isn't life great? :smile:
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By vfx fan
My interest in vfx are a lot like my dad's interest in Dinosaurs. When he was going to school, he'd talk about dinosaurs, but nobody cared or even knew what a dinosaur was. Now look how much dinosaurs interest people now. Don't you guys think we could do the same thing about vfx? When I proved to some people that Forrest Gump had fx, they were amazed on what is classified as a special visual effect. Many people don't consider matte paintings as fx. Some people don't even know that these are even used. I think our interests in vfx makes us interestingly unique, no matter what age we are.
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By ShaneP
Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. Sure, at points it's a little sentimental. But, it's also one of the most uniquely structured films. Invisible effects are my favorite. It's like with Episode One the stuff I like best was the city of Theed and the other digital,miniature set work.
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By malducin
Well for me Star Wars got me interested in FX. After the release of the original there was a TV special about how they did the FX, including the ble screen, the miniature explosions (with their secret formula) and probably the motion control. It was hosted by R2D2 and C3PO. I barely remember it now but it really impacted me. Maybe it was shown late 1977 or probably 1978. Come to think about it they should probably release the other 2 documentaries. The one for ESB was good, narrated by Mark Hamill and the ROTJ was hosted by Carrie Fisher and Billy Dee Williams.
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By Shane
I have that Star Wars Special on video. I too saw it when it first came out. In fact, I remember by the late '80's I started to think that I actually saw some extra footage of Star Wars at the local drive-in when I last saw it in the late seventies.Drive-in's? Remember those? The little window speaker was a long way from THX. I remember something about droids and such. This special is probably where that memory comes from.
I was a little too young when Star Wars came out. I was old enough to love the battles, lightsabers, the cool-looking stuff(including HUNDREDS of action figures.). But, Empire was the first movie that really affected me as a full-movie experience. That was also when I first became interested in "How'd they do that?".

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By buddyleeoo
I just turned 18. Wow, it feels weird how I always thought I was the youngest on these boards. Now I'm not even close.
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By malducin
Yeah Dark Crystal was something.

But as far as spare tire, back pain and receeding hairline I think it's working in computers too much that's causing that, at least it has accelerated my ageing ;-).
On 2001-11-05 12:00, Shane wrote:
14,16, geesh! I am getting old. :) Basically, I'm old enough to have enjoyed the original Star Wars, loved The Empire Strikes Back, been scared out of my wits at The Dark Crystal(don't ask. C'mon, those Skeeksees were scareez). Also, I now have back pain, a receding hairline, and a spare tire. Gee, isn't life great? :)
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By The Cynic
Glad to be back. Haven't checked the site for a week and look at what I've missed :smile:

I will turn a ripe old 32 years of age in January.

BEWARE! Long winded response ahead!

Like most people interested in effects, The Star Wars movies, particularly ROTJ (love those chickenwalkers!), sparked my interest in how they were created. But I must say that Ray Harryhausen's films are really made me want to be a stop motion animator. Stop motion animation to me is the heart and soul of effects. To actually manipulate with your hands your creation and to see it come to life one frame at a time is amazing. Take it from me, I was lucky enough to do a little of it. I bet that a good share of today's incredible CG animators have stop motion at the top of their list of reasons they got into animation. I am also glad to see Harryhausen's influence in modern cinema still alive and well today.

Still awake? Thanks for reading my post!
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Hehe! :smile:
I thought I'd be the youngest!
It's really cool that people from all over the world of all ages (ok, not ALL ages...) come together here to discuss f/x!
On 2001-11-06 21:14, buddyleeoo wrote:
I just turned 18. Wow, it feels weird how I always thought I was the youngest on these boards. Now I'm not even close.
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By andronicki
Im 29 and you guys are young.... Ex for Malducin and Shane
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By dr.CGI
how I got interested in visual effects? I think by jurassic park. of corse after seeing it about a cople times because I saw it about the first time I whas very young and not a bit interested in visual effects.
and than I saw the abbys and much other proyects. and after a time I started thinking:"HOW DID THEY DO THIS?" so I started asking my dad. and he explaned because he readed articles about it before me. and on all this posters I started seeing
the name: "special visual effects and animation by Industrial light and magic".
and I thought:Hmm, what that". and I didn't know exactly how it all went. but more and more I got information and I grow up with the technologies with indipendence day and twister and jumanji who impresed me very hard. and I readed much about it and in 1997 becuse the special edition came in theaters and I heard more and more about star wars witch I didn't know what it whas. and than later that year I saw "special effects:anything can happen" witch whas a making of special effects. and from that moment I realy started knowing ILM realy good. and when then the lost world came out,one of my favorite movies. and then I saw the mummy witch whas a breaktrough and star wars episode one witch realy whas the state of art of ILM. and after that for the first time I saw the special edition star wars saga(realy late):) :smile:
and you know what, I still didn't saw evry ILM proyect. like the hunt before red october and death becomes her and I even didn't saw terminator 2:judgement day yet. :roll: :sad:. I still am waiting to be showed on TV. I asked once but that time set me it whas to vilend. but then I whas too young. LOL
By Kmart
I'm 40, so I remember waiting for 2001 to come out (I read about it being in production when I was 5 or 6, and being a NASA fanatic, which was mandatory in that era, I was absolutely revved to see it). That was enough to get me interested in fx, though after seeing enough TREK reruns in the 70s, that sort of paled.

Unlike most people on the planet, STAR WARS did not really fire me up again on this subject when it came out, though CLOSE ENCOUNTERS sure did (always was a big Trumbull fan).

But even as I marvel at slit-scan or some other hi-tech solution, my personal preference with effects work has to do with in-camera solutions, hanging foreground miniatures and the like ... based on my own limited experience with zero budget filmmaking, the joy of getting a shot wholly in-camera is just incredible, especially when you consider the resources that major films draw on to achieve similar effects.

In Cinefex I once wrote that my favorite fx scene was the exposition-filled pullback showing the fetus field in THE MATRIX, but actually, in truth, I probably like invisible foreground miniatures, like the one in TREK II with Kirk and Spock at Starfleet, where the foreground lobby and the skylight about them is all a model shot in-camera with the actors.

Kevin H. Martin
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By Shane
Hey Kevin, it's funny you mention CE3K. One of my favorite effects shots is the Cotopaxi-Gobi Desert shot which is(as I'm sure you know) a forced perspective miniature. Great shot!
BTW, which shot in Trek 2 are you referring to?

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By Kmart
Early in the film, when they leave the simulator after Spock has 'died,' Kirk and Spock pause after walking down a hallway. They cut to a wide shot inside this Starfleet building, with steps in the foreground, plus a celestial sphere (one of those things that shows earth inside a clear globe with star markings on it). Behind and above them, there is a skylight with vines and plants. The late Mike Minor put most of this together over a weekend in quarter-scale, using bits and pieces left over from the first movie. Basically, they're shooting through the miniature at the live-action, which was staged about 30 feet back and shot with a wide lens. I recall reading that Minor described a shot to the film's cutter by saying it came right after the FG miniature, and the editor said, "WHAT foreground miniature?" so I guess it worked very well indeed.

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By boneheadfx
Since we're talking ages here, I'm 37. My first FX influences were pre-Star Wars. I loved Godzilla, disaster movies and the few good SF films that exisisted at the time (2001, etc.). But Harryhausen was the real big one for me. The first time I saw "Seventh Voyage of Sinbad" and when the Cyclops came out of that cave I almost crapped my pants. That, at the time, was probably the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. When I got to meet Harryhausen a while back it was like meeting the President or something-I was a stammering idiot! I was so nervous I could barely ask "C-c-could I-I h-have your a-a-autograph p-please??" He was so nice-an absolute gentleman. That was such a great honor for me.